Living The Mission

The Living the Mission Award is given annually to recognize outstanding alumni, 父母, employees, and friends of Oak Grove whose lives exemplify our mission statement, “to express God’s love by nurturing students for academic achievement, lifelong Christian commitment, and loving service throughout the world.” Recipients reflect honorably on Oak Grove Lutheran School and give unselfishly of time, 人才, and resources in a spirit of gentleness with a passion for sharing God’s love.

Living the Mission Honorees


Miquette Denie McMahon, Class of 2002


保罗J. Dovre
Mona Lybeck


David Todd, Class of 1984


Don and Rhoda Myrvik, Class of 1954
牧师. 罗伯特·V. Langseth, Class of 1950


Chaplain (Brigadier General) Thomas L. Solhjem, Class of 1974


Milan Alby, 教师
利兰 & Elsie Gilbertson


John and Marie Leseth, Class of 1964
Nick Hall, Class of 2001


Peder Eide, Class of 1986
Dale and Lu Vitalis


Helen “Arnseth” Torvik
Fred and Virginia Scheel


Kent Hannestad, Class of 1983


Lance Bergstrom, Class of 1982
George Korsmo, Class of 1970


Luther Bernston, Class of 1949
Monte and Nola Kjos


Eleanor Rensvold, Class of 1938
Eunice Simonson, Class of 1948


Dan and Karol Hilkerbaumer, Class of 1957
John Andreasen


Carol Gurung, Class of 1976
Hiram and Ada Drache
Jerry and Sharon Gorden


John Ylvisaker, Class of 1955
Malcolm and June Tweten


Gordon Langseth, Class of 1943
Jerry Brantner


Jens and Jeanne Tennefos
Sanford Fuglestad, Class of 1947


Roland Martinson, Class of 1960


Corey Teigen, Class of 1982


Palmer and Beulah Forness, Class of 1947 and 1949


Malvina Moe, Class of 1947


Carol Lindsay, Class of 1945


Lorraine Hetland, Class of 1950


Darwin Gorder, Class of 1957


Susan Vitalis, Class of 1979

Hall of Fame

The Oak Grove Hall of Fame is comprised of outstanding alumni, 老师, administrators, and coaches who have made significant contributions to Oak Grove Lutheran School. The Hall of Fame award recognizes those individuals who best exemplify the spirit, integrity, and philosophy of Oak Grove Lutheran School.

Hall of Fame Inductees

2019 Inductees

Marc Langseth (Class of 1969 and faculty member)
Daniel Rosenfeldt (Class of 1973)

2018 Inductees

Gary Olson Ph.D. (Class of 1962)
Dr. David Tranby (Class of 1970)
Karen Spilde (Class of 1988)

2017 Inductees

Clark Tufte (Former 教师 & Administrator)
1982 Championship Football Team

2016 Inductees

Brian Berg (Class of 1986)
Lindsey Leitner (Class of 2001)
Tracey Martin (Class of 1987)

2015 Inductees

Kyle Bakken (Class of 1988)
Glen “Tuck” Leverson (Class of 1955)
Jamie (Stensgard) Cota (Class of 2001)
Dave Vold (Class of 1954)
Ruth Buffalo-Zarazua (Class of 1995)

2014 Inductees

1969 Boys Basketball Team
Steve Carnal (retired faculty member 1980 – 2014)
Rick Deegan (class of 1961)
Don Idso (class of 1966)
Laura Utke (class of 1995)
Beth (Coughlin) Zier (class of 1975)

2013 Inductees

Jerilynn Brantner Adams (class of 1986)
Arvid Berg (retired faculty member 1969-1999 & 2003)
Kevin Hamm (class of 1983)
Alton Quanbeck (class of 1943)
Wade Webb (class of 1988)

2012 Inductees

Robert (Bob) Bower (class of 1958)
Jim Frisk (class of 1958)
Marshall Haaland (class of 1957)
Paula Langseth (class of 1977)
Merrill Ronning (class of 1963)

2011 Inductees

Anna Legreid Dopp (class of 1995)
Calmer Elness (retired faculty member)
Curt Hagness (retired faculty member)
Chuck Petersen (retired faculty member)
Mary (Tennefos) Shoji (class of 1980)


To nominate someone for the Hall of Fame, complete the online form below. Or, you may download this form, complete and return to:

Oak Grove Lutheran School
Hall of Fame Committee
124 North Terrace
Fargo, ND 58102

Hall of Fame Constitution & Bylaws: For more information, please contact the Advancement Office at 701.237.0210 or e-mail Oak Grove